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     Where would you go if you let your heart run free? 

     ‘THE VISTA’ is your global treasure map. When planning a trip it can sometimes seem daunting. What should I do on my own in Tokyo? Where should I stay in Mexico, a tree house or a yurt? Where is the best place in NYC to shop for vintage Chanel? The best information comes direct from the source.

    Creator, Julia Ashwood is the beauty behind this gypset life, after years of travels and amazing adventures, now willing to share her insight to like minded people, whom enjoy the insider treasure spots, local knowledge and on the money recommendations.

    Hamptons  ||  New York  ||  USA  

    The Surf Lodge  ||  Montauk  ||  USA 

    Santorini  ||  Greece 

    A gypset traveller is seeking unique experiences which are both exotic, luxe & adventurous. 

    ‘The Vista’ features the places Julia has been & the travels she is yet to take with first hand travel tips and advice from a gypset perspective. The inspiration behind ‘The Vista’ came from a lack of good, like-minded travel information. 

    Searching blogs and travel sites for hours, found Julz in need to create a platform to share her experiences and help make others travel experiences better. ” Travel to me means freedom and independence, and it’s an important part of growing up and a great way to spend your ‘Saturn Return’ period too!” 

    Negril  ||  Jamaica 

    Playa Del Carmen  ||  Mexico

     Palm Springs  ||  USA 

    Julz says, “It’s important to research your trip. I encourage women to ask me questions before or whilst they are on the road. They may be packing for a week in Bali, or searching for a fun hotel in LA or an amazing treehouse in Turkey. I know how magic it is to find treasures along your path, whether it be a festival in the Californian dessert, a great flea market in NYC or a cafe in Nicaragua with the best chai tea.  ‘The Vista’ will provide a map to help you find that treasure.

    Travel is all about getting out of your comfort zone, exploring new adventures and the beautiful souls you will meet. There’s an incredible world out there, it’s hard to stop traveling once you start. That may explain why I haven’t unpacked my bags in nearly 4 years now!” 

    Tasmania  ||  Australia

    Marrakech  ||  Morocco

    Playa Del Carmen  ||   Mexico  –  Miami  ||  USA  

     Big Sur  ||  California  ||  USA

     If you’re planning an adventure near or far, is sure to help guide and inspire you, with the insider tips and local knowledge, on your next destination. We cannot wait to see where Julz will go next! 

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  • gold coast magazine

    We were recently featured in the Gold Coast Magazine, and also on thier blog!  Here’s a sneak peak :)


    To see and read the full story click, HERE  thanks GC magazine for such kind words xxx

  • Arcade Fire - Reflektor

    R E F L E C K T O R – arcade fire

    Absolutely obsessed with the new Arcade Fire song, REFLEKTOR! What’s not to love with David Bowie vocals and the touch of James Murphy as the icing on the cake! Cannot wait till this album is released { October 29th } its on repeat :)


  • All That Remains Love

    There is nothing that makes us happier than seeing one of our beautiful, talented friends do well. All That Remains is the ‘love-child’ and creation of Leaha Lockley and with each season we fall more and more in love with the her collections and the story behind each item. All That Remains clothing is 70’s inspired, hand-made, whimsical and hard to ignore once you see and touch in the flesh. Its hard not to want each and every piece of all her collections, every season. We can’t wait to see what you do next! xxx



    An Artefact, a piece of scared past, a dream like state, every piece of clothing tells a story, a nostalgic memory, a cosmic dusted love affair … A story of a lover, a poignant moment, a believer in a time when clothing was not a mass produced Endeavour & there remained the spirit of creating something personal.

    All That Remains is a heavenly creature, beads, bohemian ikat cloths, intricate & delicate leather, hand stitched embroideries adorn her hauntingly beautiful being. She sheds her everyday life in favour of her longing for the exotic. Each collection a symbolic representation of her true self, a patch work of memories & inspiration discovered in people, places & treasures found in travelling the world & the falling in love with the craft man of another time.

    Universal language is spoken, the exchange of love is the only blue print All That Remains wishes to leave on this earth, that’s why the commitment to only ever producing less than 30 pieces of any one style will always remain.

    As a lot of ATR is hand crafted and Individually made, many hours, days and nights can go into each piece of clothing. No two pieces of ATR can ever be the same & they need to be handled with the upmost love and care.


    See the full, ‘Find Your Moral Compass’ collection here… 

    All photography & film by Johnny Ladd | Music by Lamp of the Universe | Model – Nat Kelley

     FOLLOW ATR – on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK and enjoy xoxo

  • 08-happy-customers

    happy customers

    We just love to hear form our happy customers and to see where some of our goodies end up! We just thought we would share some of the LOVE we’ve had on Instagram and Facebook + emails! Thanks so much for all the kind words, we love to hear all your feedback, keep it coming! Here are some snaps, from our happy customers, with Dos Ombré love in their homes…

    If you’re not already – please follow us on INSTAGRAM & like us on FACEBOOK, would love to get to know you!

  • spotted: Dos Ombré + PeppaHart  | SIMPLE LOVER BLANKET

    get the look

    Spotted our NEW STOCK on PeppaHart’s engagement shoot  |  luxe bohemian beach style  |   shot by Ali Mitton.


    all online & available now! 



  • The Astral Plane

    illustration love

    This is an old campaign film from The Astral Plane, just a cute little palm illustration, thanks Damien Horan!


  • Pip Edwards | Dos Ombre

    Pip Edwards

    Ok, so we’re going to gush a little here, but we are MAJOR fans of Pip Edwards! Style icon, fashion blogger, design director at General Pants, stylist, super Mum, oh, and did we mention MEGA BABE? Is there anything Pip Edwards can’t do?!?

    Pip Edwards |

    Like most of you, we’ve been following Pip in the media for several years now, and she can honestly do no wrong. Whether it be stepping out of the house looking incredible in the newest designer clothing, attending the latest fashion shows – front and center, successfully balancing her work/home life with her ridiculously handsome son Justice, and all the while managing to have a damn good time doing so. She’s the kinda ‘gal’ you feel you just want to know more about!

    Pip Edwards |

    Pip Edwards |

    Well here’s some good news for you all, WHO Magazine have been lucky enough to delve deeper into the stylish world of Pip and have recently shot a feature in her beautiful Sydney home. Here, you can take a glimpse inside her enviable wardrobe and super stylish home. YES PLEASE!!! Can’t wait to get our hands on a copy.

    Pip Edwards |

    Keep your eyes peeled over the next coming weeks in WHO Magazine. Pip even featured some Dos Ombré goodies that are currently in her home on her instagram! THANKS for the love Pip, the rug looks great :)

    You can FOLLOW PIP on instagram at @pip_edwards1 or catch her latest fashion posts HERE

    Pip Edwards |

    See above right, Dos Ombré spotted in Pip’s living room, ‘WOOLEN WARRIOR RUG‘  for a closer look – visit online HERE!

  • Shortfilm by Andrea

    smile on my face

    A very amateur film I made a few years ago for a uni assignment. Every time and again I happen to watch it, and it puts a little smile on my face, from some seriously great times & incredible memories! Hope it distracts your mind, the way it does mine, if only for a couple of minutes | :)  drea


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