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  • Voyage To India | Dos Ombré Travel x

    Voyage To India

    By Andrea on 03/02/2016

    Incredible India in all her glory!  Needless to say that India was absolutely amazing, delightful,humbling and inspirational.  Here’s just...

  • TARA DONOVAN { ALLURING ORDINARY }  | Sculpture Artist New York | Dosombre.com Blog

    Tara Donovan { Alluring Ordinary }

    By Andrea on 06/03/2015

    Tara Donovan of Pace Gallery New York is a large-scale installation and sculpture artist known best for making imaginative...

  • Henrick Purienne + All That Remains | A Guide To Summer | dosombre.com

    All That Remains + Henrik Purienne

    By Andrea on 23/01/2015

    Le ‘a Vinson  ||  A Guide To Summer When two of your favourites collaborate to create some really beautiful imagery and...

  • The Mirage House Greece | Infinity Pool | dosombre.com

    The Mirage House | Greece

    By Andrea on 12/12/2014

    This is definitely one of those mind blowingly incredible places where architecture and landscape marry oh-so well, to create...

  • The BRANDO | Eco Friendly Resort  French Polynesia | dosombre.com

    The Brando | Castaway Fantasy

    By Andrea on 14/11/2014

    Dreaming of a tropical island getaway surrounded by coral reef, a blue lagoon and white sandy beaches? THE BRANDO –...

  • GUATEMALA dream | dosombre.com

    Guatemala Dream

    By Andrea on 24/10/2014

    Guatemala Is like no other. It is inspiring, romantic, adventurous and amazingly colorful. We have both had the privilege...

  • follow the vista

    By Andrea on 23/10/2013

     Where would you go if you let your heart run free?   ‘THE VISTA’ is your global treasure map. When...

  • Arcade Fire - Reflektor

    R E F L E C K T O R – arcade fire

    By Andrea on 12/09/2013

    Absolutely obsessed with the new Arcade Fire song, REFLEKTOR! What’s not to love with David Bowie vocals and the touch...

  • All That Remains Love

    By Andrea on 10/09/2013

    There is nothing that makes us happier than seeing one of our beautiful, talented friends do well. All That...

  • What inspires us?

    inspiring us

    By Andrea on 30/04/2013