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 Where would you go if you let your heart run free? 

 ‘THE VISTA’ is your global treasure map. When planning a trip it can sometimes seem daunting. What should I do on my own in Tokyo? Where should I stay in Mexico, a tree house or a yurt? Where is the best place in NYC to shop for vintage Chanel? The best information comes direct from the source.

Creator, Julia Ashwood is the beauty behind this gypset life, after years of travels and amazing adventures, now willing to share her insight to like minded people, whom enjoy the insider treasure spots, local knowledge and on the money recommendations.

Hamptons  ||  New York  ||  USA  

The Surf Lodge  ||  Montauk  ||  USA 

Santorini  ||  Greece 

A gypset traveller is seeking unique experiences which are both exotic, luxe & adventurous. 

‘The Vista’ features the places Julia has been & the travels she is yet to take with first hand travel tips and advice from a gypset perspective. The inspiration behind ‘The Vista’ came from a lack of good, like-minded travel information. 

Searching blogs and travel sites for hours, found Julz in need to create a platform to share her experiences and help make others travel experiences better. ” Travel to me means freedom and independence, and it’s an important part of growing up and a great way to spend your ‘Saturn Return’ period too!” 

Negril  ||  Jamaica 

Playa Del Carmen  ||  Mexico

 Palm Springs  ||  USA 

Julz says, “It’s important to research your trip. I encourage women to ask me questions before or whilst they are on the road. They may be packing for a week in Bali, or searching for a fun hotel in LA or an amazing treehouse in Turkey. I know how magic it is to find treasures along your path, whether it be a festival in the Californian dessert, a great flea market in NYC or a cafe in Nicaragua with the best chai tea.  ‘The Vista’ will provide a map to help you find that treasure.

Travel is all about getting out of your comfort zone, exploring new adventures and the beautiful souls you will meet. There’s an incredible world out there, it’s hard to stop traveling once you start. That may explain why I haven’t unpacked my bags in nearly 4 years now!” 

Tasmania  ||  Australia

Marrakech  ||  Morocco

Playa Del Carmen  ||   Mexico  –  Miami  ||  USA  

 Big Sur  ||  California  ||  USA

 If you’re planning an adventure near or far, is sure to help guide and inspire you, with the insider tips and local knowledge, on your next destination. We cannot wait to see where Julz will go next! 

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