colourful india

When you touch down onto the holy mother India for the first time, all 5 senses are evoked in an extreme contrasting + confronting way immediately. The Colour, the noise, the smells, the vibrancy, the chaos, the poverty + the beauty - It hits you hard + fast + as soon as you leave the airport your already dreaming of your next chapati + cup of chai.

Colour is something I truly believe I had not seen with such intensity, until I embarked on a trip to India. Every single corner of this marvellous country is decorated with so much beauty. In 2015 I left on a 3 week journey with two dear friends to discover Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Pushkar, Jodphur + the marvellous + spiritual Dharamasala.

The Bengali Bag Collection is heavily inspired by this trip, with all intensity of beauty + colour that was found along the way. 
Every where you look details layered upon details are array, walls hand painted with flower motifs + spiritual blessings,  homes + walls splashed white, pink, blue -  Embroideries on textiles galore, streets adorned with fresh marigolds in the thousands, powders + potions + foods with all there uniqueness, spices, flavour + even the trucks are hand painted, with delicate flowers + offerings inside to keep the driver safe for the journey ahead. I fell in love with this country + could write about its intoxication all day but instead I will take you in a visual trip + hope you enjoy the incredible colours that India has to offer + find the beauty captured in our new colourful Bengali Bags. 
Andrea xxx 

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