{ Sourced from Brazil }

Beautiful raw cut A-Grade Amethyst crystal clusters have strong healing and cleansing powers. Helping to overcome addictions and blockages of all kinds they also aid sleep and dispel all negative emotions bringing positive responses. Their healing properties include cleansing of the blood, immune system, skin conditions and cellular disorders as well as fine-tuning your metabolism and endocrine system. Crystals not only bring positive energy, but look beautiful in your home and make the most thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

Please Note: each crystal will vary in size and characteristics which is what gives them their individual charm

Small Approx  3cm - 6cm / up to 350gms

Medium Approx  6cm - 12cm /  up to 500gms 

Large Approx 12cm - 18cm / up to 1kg

CARE: Crystals are in rough and raw, natural form and are extremely delicate. Please handle with care and treat like glass. Crystal shards may come loose. Remember to put your crystals outside in a full moon to clear and cleanse them of unwanted energy, bad moods and negative thoughts. The energy of the moonlight washes away anything that is no longer needed.

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